Central Heating systems


Central Heating systems 

Nowadays central heating by gas plays a main role in the Egyptian market, Because of the temperature decrease in the new cities like new Cairo, October, Zayed, Madinty, Alshrouq.... ETC.

At a previous time, we were using an electrical heater or we turn the air conditioning on the heat mode but both of these options consume a lot of electricity.

But today the newest solution in Egypt is central heating by gas however, it's the most common solution in Europe but it entered the Egyptian market in almost 2005.

what is central heating systems?

 It's a system consist of a central boiler deliver hot water in pipes to the source of heating on the rooms, there are two sources of heating one of them is an aluminum radiator and the other is underfloor heating.

So the main component of the central heating systems are:

  1. Boiler 
  2. piping network
  3. Heat source ( Radiator or underfloor heating)

What are the benefits of central heating?

  1. Your home will be separated from the outside temperature and warm enough to wear summer clothes.
  2. A constant temperature in each zone of your apartment so your health will be kept safe. 
  3. Low running cost because the gas consumption is lower by 5 times than electrical consumption.
  4. Long time guarantee.

[ section view for Apartment showing radiators and UFH loop ]

[ Schematic Diagrams shows radiators and UFH connections ]

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  • Kindly note that each radiator cover upto 30m2.
  • If you have a room more than 30m2 assume that you have 2 radiators.