Central heating system 

29.08.21 04:51 PM


Many people wonder

what is the central heating?

And what is its importance?

What materials are used in central heating?

And how does it work?


- Central heating is a system used to raise the temperature of a home or building and this is done by a continuous closed circuit It works on the principle of heat transfer from the central heating source (It is a central heating heater), It works with natural gas to      heat the water and pump it into the closed circuit to carry out the central heating process.


- The importance of central heating?

Central heating is used in homes, hospitals, villas, palaces, administrative and commercial buildings, and in the winter, when the intensity of cold, central heating helps raise the temperature of the place between (22° and 24°) degrees, and this helps to stabilize the heat in the place where it is located, which makes who's in the place not feel too cold like outside the place.


- What materials are used in central heating??

Central heating is of two types:


1_wall heating:-

The wall heating consists of an Italian-made Ariston heater, Italian-made Sierra aluminum heaters, and Italian-made aluminum-pex pipes.


Italian Ariston heater:-

Italian Ariston heaters are considered one of the best heaters because of their high energy efficiency, and this gives the best results with energy savings.

   And for the ease of operation of the Italian Ariston heater, which is preferred by people, the Ariston heater adjusts the temperatures automatically, and because the water is permanently hot, it arrives immediately, so there is no need to wait again.

   And due to Ariston's many features, the silent heater has been implemented which makes it work without sound, thanks to the internal insulation layers.

   And because we are in the age of technology, you can now connect your heater to the mobile app, control it, and you can control the temperature of each room independently.


 Italian Cera Heater:-

   The Italian Cera aluminum heaters have a very high heat conductivity, thus reaching the maximum required temperature, which means that there is less gas and less water consumed    in the heating cycle, which means lower gas bills.

   And because it is made of aluminum, it is light, easy to carry and install, which means a lower transportation cost, and it is distinguished by its competitive price to other competencies in the market.

   And Sera's aesthetic designs that are characterized by curves that give it an elegant shape in the décor, as if it were a piece of art.

   Seera combines price, efficiency and aesthetic design, all in one product.


Italian Uni-Delta Pipes:

   #Coil_X is contracted with major Italian and international companies in the manufacture of products for #floor heating systems . UNIDELTA company, which is ISO certified and approved by quality certificates in all stages of manufacturing, and one of the most important features of UNIDELTA products is that it takes into account the safety factor very significantly, in addition to the quality and efficiency also its products can be used in wall and floor heating together.


2_ Underfloor heating:-

   The under    floor heating system consists of three parts and they are in order:


insulating material:

      It is a sheet of foam, 5 cm thick, which prevents heat dissipation from the pipes to the floor, which increases the efficiency of the system and also prevents sound.


 Multilayer pipes:

      It consists of five layers, two of them are polyethylene (inner and outer), and an aluminum layer, which gives flexibility to the pipes, ease of installation and prevents water leakage.

      The #UNIDELTA tubes can withstand high temperatures up to 95°C and pressures up to 10bar, which makes the safety factor very high.



      It is a device that controls the flow of water inside the pipes, through an actuator and a temperature gauge, and regulates the temperatures. equally everywhere inside the house.

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