Domestic hot water with RHEEM

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22.04.21 12:42 PM

Domestic hot water with RHEEM

Domestic hot water became very essential and important in our daily lives. We can’t give up using hot water in our homes or even in industry.

Hot water is needed at homes for cleaning, washing, bathing, cooking and much more and for that reason you need a water heater.

There many types of water heaters based on the place (residential and commercial) energy used (gas, electricity or solar) and whether it is with tank or tankless. In this article we are focusing on one of the best water heaters brand in the world, Rheem manufacturing company

Rheem company emergence and achievements: 

There were many trials to invent water heaters at the 19th century starting with Benjomin maughan patent. He invented the first residential water heater which was using natural gas but as it didn’t have a flue it wasn’t that safe to be used at homes

Later, Edwin Ruud added some safety features, and his water heater considered the first true one.

In 1897, Ruud formed his company bringing his invention to the reality and it is still working till now under the name of Rheem.

Ruud kept improving on the design adding features and gained 13 patents for his invention. However

Many homes could not acquire this invention at that times as having electricity and plumbing at homes was rare

In 1940 the standardized plumbing code has been established which boost the spread of the Ruud water heaters “Rheem”

In 1941, Rheem became the 1st manufacturer in the market of automatic water heater in united states.

in 2nd world war times while many factories and companies started to work on military equipment’s manufacturing producing ships and aerospace parts, Rheem focused on improving their water heater with tank adding a glass lining as a coat of the interior body of the water heater which extended the life of water heater tank

in 1962 Rheem introduced “the demand-o-matic” which was an innovative water heater with modulating thermostat regulating the heat input based on water demand

in 1985 Rheem entered the swimming pool heater and commercial boiler markets through the acquisition of Raypak.

Rheem company made many contributions improving and enhancing HVAC units over the years and in 2009 they started to sell the hybrid heat pump water heater which was much more efficient (approximately twice) than the electric traditional water heater.


Rheem have won many awards for their innovative solution for heating, cooling ,ventilation and air conditioning systems and in 2015, Rheem won the top spot in the Water Heaters category for its brand familiarity by the Builder magazine.

Rheem water heating solutions:

Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in north America, and they are selling to many countries around the globe including middle east area and Egypt of course.

With their 96-year history and with tracking their achievements, ratings, and their awards it is certain that you will be more than satisfied with a water heater from their products family.

Rheem have wide range of water heater types, but they are all featured with high performance, efficiency and features for every lifestyle and budgeting.

Rheem water heater types:

  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Tank-Type Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Point-Of-Use Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters

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