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    ​ Our client satisfaction is our No. 1 rule in Coil x, and his money paid to us should be given back to him by a good service  ,,

    Coil x CEO

Who we are

COIL X is one of the leading companies in central heating and air conditioning systems, COIL X was founded in 2017 and started to grow till we become the best company in growth rate by 2021!

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340 Projects

5 Years Experience

180%  Growth rate!

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the most company to make their clients satisfied, happy and to lead the industry that we make on the Egyptian market.

Our team is on a mission to provide the whole luxury life for our customers which are making their life cozy and happier by keeping a smart system for Heating in winter or air conditions in summer so the mission is not impossible.

Our Name

Why we choose coil x as a name of our company , we thought a lot about our name and we found that the coil is the main component on all of heating and air conditioning system so we chose the fist name coil then we choose " x " Because x means in mathematic varieties and a lot of values and we are the company that works on booth Heating and air conditioning system so " x " was the best letter or word to complete our name , so we chose " coil x "

​Why to choose us?

Project progress tracking
Expenses tracking
High quality products
Free maintenance
Research and development
Project progress tracking
Clients can track their projects progress remotely by giving them access on COIL X project system. They can see completed milestone, tasks and explore project documents like contracts drawings .. ETC 
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Expenses tracking
COIL X clients can track their expenses, invoices and payments online. It's a dedicated space for our customers to view and manage all their transactions. It provides them more control over actions such as accepting estimates or paying invoices from one place.
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High quality products

COIL X always invests in the best brands and products all over the world, we are a partner with the most ranked brands in Italy, USA, and Japan. like Ariston, Rheem, Raypack, Heizer, Carrier, LG .. ETC

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Free maintenance

One of the most important thing in central heating and air conditioning systems is maintenance, COIL X ensure taking care of their clients and always works to reduce hustle on them, so we offer our customers free preventive maintenance visits to keep their systems works probably with any issues.

Research and development

COIL X is well known as the most developed company in our industry; we always invest in R&D more than investing in any other assets at COIL X, Because we always on a sprint path to give our customers the best value they deserve.

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Our team of professionals

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Hassan Al-Aidy
​Co-Founder & CEO
Ramez Galal

Financial Manager

Osama Khalil

Sales Manager

Ali Hewedy

Technical Office engineer

Abdallah Ghonim

Projects co-ordinator    

Amr Ashry

Ac engineer

Emad Kamal

Heating engineer

Ahmed Elakeed

Payable accountant

Cindy Andrews

Receivable accountant

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