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Central Heating

Nowadays central heating by gas plays a main role in the Egyptian market, because of the temperature decrease in the new cities like New Cairo, October, Zayed, Madinty, Alshrouq. etc.
At a previous time, we were using an electrical heater or turning the air conditioning on heating mode....

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Air conditioning

Air conditioning systems accomplish your needs from wide range type of it like DX, chillers, Cooling tower, and VRV units. Coil x is well known by their good designs, best solution for energy and efficiency which will make your live is more comfort than before..

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Hot water

Your apartment, Hotel, Gym, or Club needs to hot water is essential. what a bout having the feeling with hot water by a central boiler which is more reliable and comfortable than other ways of heating the water before, and what about reducing both the capital and...

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Pool Boiler

Don't let your Pool a decorative piece in winter. You can convert it to a heated pool so you can use it without any worries about your health. we can ensure making the temperature of the pool 28 c. and this is the best temperature for your body That doesn't cause any diseases .. 

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COIL X always proud of client satisfaction in our products, services, and quality. Explore now why should you choose COIL X?

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